Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Diamond Hill, Spring

This was my favorite plein air outing for 2009. Diamond Hill is an elegant historic district in Lynchburg.

Diamond Hill, Spring, Oil on Panel, 8x10

No sooner had I gotten set up than a swarm of mystery bugs descended upon me and my gear, nearly forcing me to bail before the first brushstroke. Fortunately, they left as quickly as they came a few minutes later. I was set up behind my parked car in the street, which was nearly empty, so I was rather surprised when a car pulled up and parked just a couple of feet behind me, the engine heat radiating on my legs. I think I may have been occupying his usual spot. The guy got out and cheerfully joked about how my painting will be worth millions like a Monet. Ha ha, sir! No more backing up to check my progress I guess. Lovely day, though, and I was glad to wind up with a painting I liked.

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